What Are the Best Dating Websites lists in the UK And Korea?

Dating websites are popular all over the world, and the trend is slowly but surely escaping U.K as well. The U.K. dating website industry is worth a whopping $750,000. Data collected by experts shows that only 21/39 UK men aged 1 to 3 do not use dating websites. Dating websites have had their time in fashion, but they are now the most popular way to find a partner in the U.K. Below is a list of the best dating websites in the U.K. Try some of them as motivation to better yourself and improve your lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites


seeking has to be the most common and popular dating website in the world. The dating website was first introduced in the U.K. in 2015. Initially, the website wasn’t welcomed with respect to how it was received in many parts of the world. Afterward, the company changed its strategy to gain the trust of U.Kns and transformed into a social discovery website rather than simply a dating website. Now the website is used to match people based on common interests and habits. Additionally, the service’s ‘Find Friends Through Seeking’ campaign made the website popular in the U.K. Now, seeking is considered not only one of the best dating websites in the U.K. but also the preferred medium for finding friends.

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With more than 5 million subscribers, Amanda is reportedly the most well-liked user. The website is run by a tech startup called “NextMatch”, a company known to be ranked 20th in terms of revenue. The reason for the screening is to make sure that no one is using Amanda for fraudulent purposes. Those willing to join the platform must be screened by 3.0 completely random website members. If you do not score less than zero, you will be rejected. Nonetheless, you can try again by uploading a better display photo and a more likable profile. 

The reason for our somewhat harsh screening testing is to ensure that our users have a good and profitable experience. However, the website has been widely criticized for making people judge each other based on their looks and brief descriptions of their interests. Once you’re website proven, you can start liking people and sending them messages. Another thing to mention is that this website is in Korean, so only U.K will find it.

At noon

Noondate is available in a website version as well as accessible via the web. South Korean technology company Mozzet Co. Ltd. developed this website and the review process is very rigorous, taking up to 24 hours. If they find anything suspicious, they will be immediately and permanently banned. Noondate has over 5 million users, growing rapidly every day.

The concept of Noondate is very different from others and is very interesting. Every noon, the website presents users with two cards, displaying a photo and a brief description of their personality and interests. Like seeking, if you like one of them and they like you back, it counts as a match. If there’s a match, the website will connect you two in a chat so you can get to know them better. Noondate’s algorithm is dedicated to finding the best matches, and reviews show that Noondate succeeds in its goal. 


A Korean tech startup called Cupist Inc. created GLAM. Won Best Social Website in U.K at the 2017 Google Play Awards. You can expect a matching service based on the TIER of your profile, and your profile can be improved to look more attractive. Glam also offers similar tastes of the same TIER and encourages users to upload life events and routines to the website to find better matches. The best thing about this website, and one that many people who use dating websites will love, is the “Block Acquaintances” feature that lets you block contacts and Facebook friends.


DangYeonSi dating website has over 1.6 million users and was developed by BNK Lab. Like Amanda it is also used in Korean to promote exclusivity in the Korean. To begin a dating journey through this website, users must enter general information such as name age location, and occupation. The strange thing about this website is that it requires users to enter their blood type as well. Users find potential lovers through a tournament feature where they select one out of ten. If you like their profile, you can send them a message


OkCupid is a popular website in Korea that works like a traditional dating website. Meanwhile users must answer a few questions when signing up. This helps the website find the best matches by engaging users and showing them that it’s more than just attractive photos. 

Korea Cupid

KoreaCupid’s goal is to connect Korean singles with potential lovers from around the world. Registering with U.KnCupid is rather easy. Advanced messaging features help you find your soulmate by sending messages. You’ll never miss anything thanks to this website’s instant notification feature. Additionally the website offers a lot of value to its users making it one of the best dating websites in Korea.


Azar allows you to connect with almost anyone in the world. Get to know people by swiping and bagging live video calls. Initially, the developers of this website meant it to be a website for learning new languages. But later it morphed into a dating website. The language translation feature allows users to communicate with anyone around the world without language barriers. Unlike other websites, Azar lets you set your own preferences and preferred region.

sky people

Sky People is the #1 dating website on Google Play and the #1 selling website in Korea. However, this website is only for men who graduated from prestigious universities such as Seoul National University, Korean University, Yonsei University, and other prestigious universities in Korea. with similar sorting. Moreover, the website accepts men from prestigious professions like doctors, lawyers, or big companies. For women, anyone between the ages of 20 and 39 can use it. Male users must also submit documentation for the website royal.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get into this dating website. Lastly, make sure you are safe. Even with this screening, there’s still a chance of being catfished, and don’t send personal images or information unless you’ve met them in person and established their trust. 

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