Can I perform Umrah on British passport?

All UK citizens must get a Saudi visa before leaving. You can apply for an online tourist e Visa or an Umrah specific visa to perform the pilgrimage. You can do Umrah with Umrah Packages UK in the month of December.

IVisa simplifies tourist e-visa applications. Let us explain the different Saudi Arabian visa options available to UK citizens how iVisa can help you apply online and what UK nationals must do.

British nationals requirements for an Umrah visa

Most foreigners need an Umrah visa before travelling. UK Muslims with valid passports can perform Umrah with a standard Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa.

Every UK citizen granted an Umrah visa must have travel insurance to cover emergency medical expenditures while in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Arabian Tourist Visa What Is It?

With the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa also known as the Saudi Arabia Electronic Visa travellers can attend events leisure activities visit family and even perform the Umrah excluding the Hajj .

You can also visit Medina Makkah and Jeddah with this visa. Remember that only Muslims can enter Makkah.

Certain Saudi visas prevent Hajj travel. The Saudi embassy issues Hajj visas for visiting the country during Hajj. Tourist visas are not transit employment or education visas.

What distinguishes the Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa from the Tourist Visa to Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers Umrah pilgrims perks not available to UK nationals on a tourist eVisa including a special Visa. Tourists cannot use ZamZam to leave the country however Umrah-specific visa holders can.

Additionally the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa allows numerous entries and can be applied for by any faith. The single entry Umrah-specific visa is only provided to Muslims during Umrah.

Visa types have different conditions.

Saudi officials have different visa requirements for each kind. Tourist eVisas allow pilgrims from 49 countries to visit Saudi Arabia for religious duty. Umrah Visas can be obtained worldwide. Unfortunately iVisa cannot issue Umrah visas due to their severe restrictions.

Conditions for each type of Visa

If you cannot get a Tourist Visa you can get an Umrah e-Visa. Your Hajj and Umrah officials or local agency can advise you on the demanding application process.  Most of the travel agencies include the Umrah VISA in their December Umrah Packages and all other Umrah Packages.

Umrah e Visa

Visitors to the holy city Umrah and other tourism activities should apply for their Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa at least 24 hours in advance.

When should I submit my Saudi Arabian eVisa application?

Visitors should get vaccinated against hepatitis A B typhoid yellow fever meningitis and rabies. British Umrah visa applicants must be polio-vaccinated and follow these rules. Covid 19 vaccine is recommended before visiting the country but not needed.

Do UK citizens need to take a PCR test to enter Saudi Arabia?

No COVID testing is required to enter Saudi Arabia.

Should I enter Saudi Arabian quarantine as a Brit

No strict quarantine rules exist. Choose the best Umrah travel agency UK to avoid stress.

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