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Birthdays are universally loved and a child’s first birthday is probably one of the most special days for parents. It seems like just yesterday you held your child as a baby in your arms and now they’re moving about on their own. Time moves at an alarming speed so make sure you capture this precious time with a birthday photoshoot. When it comes to event photography, Bangalore has many professional photographers to choose from. You can go to their studio or arrange a photoshoot at a location of your choosing. Here are a few ideas you can try.

The Number Shot

Whether it’s your baby’s first birthday photoshoot or their 7th birthday, marking their age in the frame is always a good idea. You can have them pose against a poster with their age written on it or use number blocks to spell it out. Chalkboards or speech bubble cues are good props for this kind of photoshoot too. For an extra cute look, if your child is old enough have them hold out as many fingers as their age to mark the year. Keep up with this type of photograph every year and you’ll have a beautiful collage to look back on.

Me and My Favourites

At every phase, your child will have a favourite toy… a favourite game… a favourite cartoon character… The best way to make sure you remember these details is by incorporating them in your birthday photoshoot. Take candid pictures of your baby playing with his favourite toys or him/ her hugging their favourite soft toy. You could even create a theme around them. Say your son likes playing with toy trains; dress him up as a conductor and set up a train with tracks for the shoot! You can then play with photo editing software to add smoke and a few special effects.

Making a Mess

Childhood is messy. For once, don’t worry about cleaning up but celebrate this uninhibited messiness. Style your photoshoot in a sandbox. Or, let your child play in a puddle with toy boats. If you prefer an indoor shoot, give your kid a flour and water to play with. Let them be pretend chefs for a day. Of, put down a bedsheet and let your child have fun with some paints. Choose non-toxic paints that can be washed off and let your child smear himself and the sheet with bright colours. Along with the photograph, you could preserve the sheet as your child’s first artwork!

All Dressed Up

Birthdays are a great opportunity to play dress up. We’re not talking just about a new dress and shoes, we’re talking about exciting costumes that put your kid in a fairytale mood. Let your child dress up as his/ her favourite character from their bedtime story book or cartoon show. Today, you can rent costumes for event photography Bangalore quite easily. You could even include a pet or a sibling in these photoshoots.

Pyjama Party

Want something a little more low-key – how about a pyjama party themed photoshoot! Get your child into a cute onesie or a night suit and create a fairytale inspired bedtime scene. Pillow forts and tents made from bedsheets are fun to put up and shoot. Don’t forget to add in the soft toys and your child’s favourite blanket. Once you’ve taken a few pictures of them playing with their toys, you can take a picture of two of your story-time routine. If you want to include the rest of the family in these pictures, make sure everyone is in matching night suits.

Let’s Picnic

A picnic setup is a lovely theme for birthday pictures. You can plan this photoshoot in your garden or terrace or in a public park. Bangalore has no dearth of parks for picnics! All you need to do is put down a picnic blanket, get all your kid’s favourite snacks and maybe a book or two. This is a more candidly styled photoshoot. The best time for outdoor shoots like this is an hour or so before sunset.

Making your photoshoot memorable

To make your photoshoot a fun experience, make sure you plan it in advance. Get all your outfits and props together and make sure your tiny tot is comfortable and well-rested on the day. Infants and toddlers can be impatient and get cranky quickly so make sure you have snacks on hand and they’ve had a good nap before you start clicking. Most importantly, don’t try and do everything on your own. You can plan the shoot but leave space for improvisation. Hire a photographer for the session so you can get into a few frames with your child and enjoy the day with them.

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